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Thousands of Austin locals have grown to trust Unlock My Door 512 as Austin's most reliable emergency lockout service. Our happy customers have known us best for fair prices, and professional service. We provide services such as unlocking vehicle doors, home and storage lockouts, and more. Click the Call Today" button below to see how we can serve you.
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High Security Services

  • Unlocking Vehicle Doors
  • Key Replacement
  • Residential Locksmith
  • Commercial Locksmith
  • House/ Storage Lockout
  • Rekeying
  • Licensed and Insured Locksmith

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Unlock My Door 512 is Austin's most trusted Emergency Lockout Service. Our fast, reliable, affordable services set us apart from average emergency lockout services. All of our technicians and referred locksmiths have undergone extensive background checks for our customer's safety.
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Unlock My Door 512 Services

Unlock My Doors Austin are equipped with the latest modern technology for jobs such as...

  • On-site Key
  • Unlocking Vehicle Doors
  • Full Locksmith for your Home
  • Full Office and Commercial Locksmith
  • House/ Storage Lockout
  • Mobile Locksmith

Delivering the Emergency Lockout Solutions to Our Clients

Locks Installed
Doors Unlocked
Keys Remade

I was locked out of my car. They came and the job was done perfectly. Quick and affordable!

Amy Schultz


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