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Professional Locksmith in Round Rock

Our Round Rock locksmith services business has nearly doubled in the past few years. We specialize in car lockout services. Plus key copying, fob replacement and programming. And we also offer residential and commercial services. Automotive locksmithing, residential and commercial. More people means more cars, houses and businesses that need more locks, more keys.  And more high security upgrades for all of these. A lot of people occasionally experience a car lockout. They lose their keys, misplace their smart fobs or lock keys in their cars. Or otherwise find themselves unable to get back in their locked cars, garages, homes or offices.

new-locksmith-van-round-rock-txWe’re here to help. UnlockMyDoor has a fleet of highly-equipped locksmithing vans. These are jam-packed with the professional gear needed for emergency car unlock.  Or key copying, smart fob duplication and programming. If something has a mechanical lock on it, we can unlock it. We can fabricate a new key, repair or replace the lock. And, unlike conventional brick-and-mortar lock shops, you don’t have to go anywhere. Or spend a time calling or searching for one in your area. No wasting time and gas running around town looking for what you need. We can pop a lock in Georgetown, North Austin or anywhere in-between. Our mobile security technician will come right to your home, office or car. Wherever you need a key copied, door repaired, car unlocked. Or a home lock set installed or replaced. Here are some of our most popular mobile locksmith services.

Car Unlock

UnlockMyDoor car locksmith services specialties include vehicle unlocking, key copying and smart fob duplication. Locked out of your car at the RR Express ball park, movie theater or shopping mall? Our expert security technician will arrive promptly to unlock the door. And get you back on the road again. These professional locksmiths can pop a lock in just minutes! Lock your keys in the car? Don’t worry – we can get the door open quickly. Lost your car keys or remote smart fob? We can make you a new one right on the spot! Call (512)-909-1468

Mobile Locksmith

Unlock My Door also provides prompt mobile unlocking service for homes and businesses. In addition to on-site key copying, lock re-keying and door lock repair. For our locksmiths near Round Rock TX, you are is just minutes away! Don’t waste time looking for a car dealer, hardware store or bricks-and-mortar locksmith near you. Our well-equipped vans contain all the equipment needed to unlock doors. Or cut new keys, program smart fobs or completely replace lock sets.

Key Copying – Auto, Residential and Commercial

Need a car key replacement? Duplicate key for house or office? Don’t waste time searching for a bricks-and-mortar locksmith shop. We can get your new keys cut quickly and inexpensively. Call Unlock My Door and we’ll come to you! Our roving locksmiths will arrive quickly to copy keys or make replacement smart fobs. Even a high-tech responder key or laser-cut. We can also copy a house key. Or re-key all the locks in a large office building or apartment complex. Faster than you can drive to and from Home Depot, Lowes or a cheap key duplication shop.

Automotive Locksmith Services – Car Keys and Locks

If you’re looking for a mobile car locksmith in Round Rock TX, you’ve come to the right place. Locked out of your car or SUV? Ignition lock stuck or broken? We can unlock just about any kind of vehicle. Automobile, SUV, van or truck. Our truck, SUV  and car door lock experts have even opened doors on 18 wheelers! We have roving vans that range from North Austin up to Jarrell TX and beyond. So if you lock your keys in the car – or misplace your fob while shopping – we can get there quickly to open the door.

It’s a real nuisance to lock your keys in the car. We’ve all done this. It feels awful to look through the window and see your keychain in the ignition. Or sitting on the center console. And the worst part is worrying about what’s going to happen to your family, pets and frozen food while you’re waiting to get back in the vehicle. Especially at night, in an unfamiliar neighborhood – or if you’re late to an appointment. Not pleasant to think about. We know this from years of car unlock service and replacement key copying. If you need a Round Rock car locksmith, don’t worry. Call UnlockMyDoor and we’ll be there soon!

Residential Locksmith Services

In addition to automobile locksmithing, we also install, maintain and repair lock sets for houses and condos. Our highly trained residential and commercial security professionals can install high tech electronic keypads and alarm systems. Whatever you need to ensure the safety of your family and possessions. UnlockMyDoor also does house key copying, So you can have a spare or give a duplicate to family members. And we can re-key your whole home – just by changing the lock cylinders – without replacing the door locks or or other hardware. This is an excellent security practice – and very economical.

House Unlock Service – Key Copying

And, as with our car locksmithing work, many of our residential clients have locked themselves out of the house. It’s amazing how easy this is to do. Especially if you don’t have a spare key copy hidden somewhere outside. We’ve had clients who got locked out just checking the mail. Or taking out the garbage. No matter how this happened, we understand. And our Round Rock locksmith van is only a few minutes away. Don’t panic. Just call (512)-909-1468 and say “UnlockMyDoor!”

Auto Locksmith – Round Rock Key Copy

Billet and Laser Keys cut at your location. Most Dependable and Affordable Emergency Locksmiths in Round Rock area.

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Thousands of our clients have grown to trust Unlock My Door as their most reliable emergency car lockout service. Our happy customers know us best for fair prices and professional service. We provide professional car locksmith services. Unlocking vehicle doors, car key copying, door lock repair, home and storage lockout relief. Need someone to pop a lock in Round Rock, copy keys or smart fobs? Click on the phone number below to learn how we can serve you.

Mobile Commercial Locksmith in Round Rock Texas

With the growth of Dell and other high tech companies our commercial locksmithing business has really taken off. We install and maintain high security doors, door locks and security systems. For small and large businesses. In addition to technology-related clients, we also serve customers in retail, entertainment, restaurants and service industries. The thing they all have in common is the need to protect their workers, property and inventory from theft or damage. And also to control access to their buildings, to limit this to those who are authorized to enter. We offer a broad range of high security commercial locks and keys. These are rugged, reliable and extremely difficult to defeat. If you need top notch security doors, locks and keys to protect your people, goods and intellectual property, call (512)-909-1468.

UnlockMyDoor Locksmith Services

Our vans are equipped with the latest modern car unlocking and key copying technology for a wide variety of jobs . . .

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  • Repair/Replace Ignition Locks
  • Mobile Pop a Lock Service
  • Locksmithing for Home or Condo
  • Office or Commercial Keys
  • Storage or House Lockouts
  • Garage Door Unlock Service