Car Key Replacement – Georgetown TX – Round Rock

We specialize in car key replacement and electronic fob duplication. Many of our clients are nearby in Georgetown, Jarrell and Round Rock – and we provide on-site service to them in just a few minutes. Our high tech mobile locksmith vans contain the same equipment as a bricks-and-mortar lock shop. This enables us to fabricate duplicate keys or electronic key fob replacements at your vehicle, home or office. Our skilled technicians also replace car keys in Cedar Park, Leander and Pflugerville. And if you’ve lost the keys and your family and pets are locked out of the car, we can unlock the door first! Here’s why customers choose UnlockMyDoor512 for key or car fob replacement –

    • Mobile locksmith vans fully-equipped for any job
    • Smart fobs – programming of remote openers
    • Transponder key cutting and programming
    • Broad selection of smart keys and key fob shells
    • Quick duplication of keys – laser-cut, conventional or electronic
    • Affordable key replacement for cars – trucks – vans – SUVs
    • Reliable performance, low cost and great customer reviews

Let us make you our next happy customer – Call UnlockMyDoor (512) 909-1468

Automotive Locksmith – Pflugerville TX – Cedar Park – Leander – Hutto

Duplicate Keys for Cars – Trucks – Vans – SUVs

If you lost your keys – or want a replacement car key as a spare or to give a family member – we will do the job quickly and inexpensively. Our mobile locksmiths can make keys for domestic vehicles from Ford, GM or Chrysler – as well as those from most foreign manufacturers. We can cut and program transponder keys and smart fobs. Whether it’s a simple metal billet, laser-cut security key or sophisticated electronic remote start, we produce a smooth working duplicate key for your car in just a few minutes.

Our mobile vans contain all the equipment necessary for laser cutting metallic keys for cars or sports utility vehicles – and most van and truck models. Why go to the car dealership or a distant locksmith shop? We can drive to your vehicle, garage, office or other location and replicate keys right there. No need for you to search for locksmiths or hardware stores and waste time on two-way travel.

Car Key Programming – Keyless Remote Replication

Modern electronic vehicle keys and remote openers have digital security codes to prevent car theft or unauthorized key duplication. These are much harder to copy than conventional metal door keys – or even the more intricate laser-cut key styles. Only automobile dealers and licensed automotive locksmiths have the codes and equipment necessary to program a car key of this type. And the same goes for electronic car key fob programming which requires high tech gear and professional training. If you need fast and inexpensive electronic remote smart fob or car key replacement – Phone (512) 909-1468

Key Fob Replacement – Programming

With the increasing use of electronic remote door openers, car key fob replacement has become one of our most popular services. Owners of most modern vehicles use these high tech fobs to open doors and trunk (or liftgate on an SUV). Auto manufacturers rarely use purely mechanical keying now – except for emergency backup use. Despite their popularity and overall reliability, there are several ways these complex widgets can go wrong:

    • Dead or low battery
    • Wireless transmitter failure
    • Car transponder issues
    • Amp component failure
    • Shorts from water penetration

With our well-equipped mobile locksmithing vans, replacement key fobs and programming are a breeze. UnlockMyDoor locksmiths near Round Rock and other Central Texas communities carry a variety of key fob replacement devices, and secure high performance programming tools. They employ these to replicate existing fob setting – essentially cloning the device. All newly programmed remotes come with brand new batteries and are checked for usability, code validation and wireless transmission range before turning these over to the client. Upon receipt of the brand-new fob, the customer can have confidence it will perform effectively and reliably for a long time.

Push-to-Start Fobs – Remote Start Keys

In places where it’s extremely cold (Central Texas last winter) or really hot (Central Texas this summer), some people elect to take advantage of a push-to-start fob – also known as a remote start key. This allows them sit inside their house or workplace while their car comes to a more comfortable temperature. Pretty good idea – no more shivering until the heater starts working – or burning your fingers on a hot steering wheel!

As with any electronic device, the batteries in these gadgets can run down. And the mechanical push buttons eventually wear out. It’s cheap insurance to have a duplicate push-to-start fob at home, or a remote start key replica where you can get at it in an emergency. Don’t waste time and money going to the dealership for new remotes. When you decide to get yours cloned, please give us a call. Our mobile locksmith shop will drive right to your door and complete the job promptly. And if you’re locked out, Call UnlockMyDoor (512) 909-1468 and we’ll open your door before replacing fob key.

Lost Key Fobs Duplicated

If someone lost your vehicle’s remote somehow – or you just want the key fob duplicated – we can come to you and get it done right on the spot. Within the greater Georgetown – Round Rock area, our van can usually arrive at a customer location within a quarter of an hour. We have the fastest and cheapest unlock service in the area. And replacement key fob programming and testing only requires a few minutes – then you’re ready to get back on the road! Buy an extra for that special someone who lost your other one.

Most people really worry when they lose a security fob – even more if it’s stolen. Not being able to get into your vehicle can be inconvenient, irritating and even dangerous! And we hate to get locked out solely because the remote’s battery is out of juice. That’s why experts recommend stashing duplicate key fobs in safe locations. Fender wells not recommended, since that’s where everyone hides their spares (and the first place a thief or joy rider would look) – not very secure. For your convenience, our mobile locksmithing units can duplicate a keyless remote cheaply, reliably and quickly. It only takes a few seconds for the replacement fob to learn the old security code, pass validation tests and become fully activated.

Truck Key Replacement

We’re also doing a lot of SUV and truck key replacements these days, because more and more people are driving these instead of sedans or other vehicles. Trucks used for commercial businesses often have more than one driver; so it’s best to have at least one for each user. And a master set of duplicate truck keys to replace any that are lost on the job. In a business situation, having a truck offline because you can’t get in or start the ignition costs time and lost opportunities.

The technology of modern truck locking systems is similar to that of cars. Electronic key fobs and remote openers, backed up by mechanical laser-cut or billet key. Some even include garage door openers. Unless your vehicle is an armored bank truck, we probably have a compatible replacement key fob, and can program and validate it quickly to get your rig back on the highway – or just make you a spare.

UnlockMyDoor – Truck Keys and Remote Fob Duplication

Locked out of your truck? We can open the door for you. Ditto for vans or SUVs. How ‘bout a replacement truck key, so you’ll have a spare on hand the next time this happens? Backup fobs or emergency keys can save you a lot of time and anguish. If you want high quality – fast and inexpensive, give us a call today! (512) 909-1468

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