Emergency Key Rescue in Cedar Park Texas

We recently got a call for an emergency key rescue from a motorist who had locked their keys in the car. Our mobile Cedar Park locksmith arrived at their location in just a few minutes. Opened the car door immediately and got them back on their way home. Fast, Professional and Secure. Initially the client … Read more

Car Key Ranges – Smart Fob Distance


How far away from your vehicle will your electronic key or smart fob work? If you need a professional car locksmith in Cedar Park TX, call UnlockMyDoor! You key fob transmitter (your key) and receiver (your car) operate at a frequency of 315MHz (433.92MHz in Europe). You see, your key is actually a short-range radio … Read more

Electronic car door openers


Many new vehicles come with electronic door openers, smart fobs or “digital keys” that help prevent you from locking the keys in the car. The downside is that if you lose the gadget, it can take days and hundreds of dollars to replace it. And you’ll probably need to have the vehicle towed to a … Read more