Commercial Locksmith Services – Mobile Key Maker – Rekeying


  • Rapid Emergency Unlock Service
  • Secure Door Lock Installation and Repair
  • Key Copying and Lock Rekeying
  • Keyless Entry and Access Control Systems
  • Security Systems Installation-Maintenance
  • Fully-Equipped Mobile Locksmith Trucks

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Serving Round Rock – Georgetown TX – Pflugerville – Hutto – Cedar Park – Leander – Jarrell

From our Georgetown locksmith headquarters down to Pflugerville and the North Austin suburbs, the UnlockMyDoor service area ranges all along the Central Texas I-35 corridor. West to Jonestown and Liberty Hill, and east to Hutto. We have fully-equipped roving lock smith trucks that can arrive at your location within minutes. Our experienced commercial locksmith technicians perform the work quickly and inexpensively. And save you the time and trouble of finding a bricks-and-mortar locksmith near you who can schedule a visit (maybe next week).

Mobile Commercial Locksmith Near Your Business

With rapid response locksmith services for commercial clients. Including emergency door unlock, lock re-keying, door repair and key copying. Plus new security door and lock set installation and maintenance.

Commercial Lock Rekeying – Round Rock – Pflugerville – Georgetown

Most of our commercial locksmithing work entails lock rekeying, repair or replacement. Mechanical locks and keys wear out or lose alignment over time; and we can typically fix these problems quickly and inexpensively. Public storage companies, airport and bus terminal locker facilities, residential and commercial landlords need their locks re-keyed whenever their tenants change – or when keys are lost or misplaced.

In addition to rekeying, our skilled technicians can install and repair mechanical locks and security doors, make master keys or key copies for new tenants or employees. We also plan and install high tech security systems including electronic keypads, access control and monitoring systems. Regardless of the size of your business or organization, UnlockMyDoor can repair, replace or rekey the locks to keep your enterprise safe and secure.

Locksmith Services for Business, Government, Non-Profits

UnlockMyDoor provides commercial locksmith services for clients including small business owners, government offices, apartment complexes, schools, office buildings and shopping malls. A lot of our business is emergency lockout service – for a shop owner who lost his key or a restaurant with a key jammed in the lock. But we also install and maintain heavy duty door locks and high security systems for commercial and government clients.

Many of our clients change out their mechanical keys and lock cylinders periodically as a matter of government regulation, corporate policy — or just best practices. In addition to controlling access to the building (or specific rooms), commercial systems also provide personal security to employees and safeguard proprietary or classified information. For more information about security system options and our commercial locksmith services, call (512) 909-1468.

Business Locksmithing near Cedar Park TX – Leander – Jarrell – Hutto – Pflugerville – Round Rock – Georgetown TX
For lock set installation, key copying, secure doors and re-keying.

Key Copying Commercial Locksmith Near You

We provide commercial key copying services for organizations who hire new employees, acquire new tenants or need additional keys for their customers or business partners. And for electronic access control systems, we install and maintain systems that enable the clients to create and manage electronic ID badges, cards and other devices.

And check out our new mobile locksmith truck!
new-commercial-locksmith-truckThis truck has all the equipment of a bricks and mortar locksmith shop, but comes right to your door. Our truck has key cutters, replacement door locks and cylinders. Plus a good assortment of heavy duty commercial door locks, keys and trim pieces. And all the sophisticated equipment to program and test electronic keys, locks and keypads, remote starters and smart fobs.

You have a business to run. So leave the driving to us! Call (512) 909-1468.

Commercial Security Systems and Locksmith Services

Modern electronic key systems and controls are more secure and easier to manage than mechanical keys and locks. Locks and keys can be reprogrammed with just a few administrator keystrokes, much easier than trying to round up all the outstanding keys — or re-keying locks and making new keys. And most the electronic systems have the additional advantage of maintaining an access log. So there’s a record of who entered and when.

Rigorous Commercial Security Systems and Locksmith Services

Businesses, non-profits and government organizations require a higher level of security than a home or condo. That’s why UnlockMyDoor offers commercial locksmith services. We work with clients to ensure their businesses, employees and assets are protected by the most capable, modern and proven technology.

In concert with your overall security plan, we can obtain and install a variety of security hardware and software. Depending on your requirements, these can include a combination of commercial quality mechanical and electronic components. Hardened security doors and locks, tamper-proof laser-cut or electronic chip-based keys, access control interlocks and checks, alarms and reporting systems. All designed to work together to achieve security objectives and minimize the likelihood of unauthorized intrusion or compromise.

Commercial Locksmiths to the Rescue

Due to human error, wear and tear over time — or an unlikely system component failure — security systems can fail. So we offer an emergency commercial locksmith service to enable a prompt return to normal. No one likes being locked out (or in) a building, or listening to alarms go off. We have a fleet of mobile commercial locksmiths with fully equipped trucks we can dispatch to your business location to let people in (or out) and repair the anomaly. This could be something as mundane as someone forgetting their password or using the wrong key — or a rare electrical, mechanical or  software failure. In any event, we will arrive quickly to address the issue and get you back to normal.

If you’re looking for reliable commercial locksmith solutions and services to increase your security, call today to speak with one of our security experts about your situation and requirements. Our commercial locksmiths will work with you to devise a security system and procedures that meet your needs and budget. (512) 909-1468

UnlockMyDoor – Prompt Mobile Lock Smith Services

We are very proud of our happy clients’ 5-star Google Reviews. And for more examples of our commercial locksmith work, please browse this website and/or check out our Facebook page.

Most commercial security systems are employed to keep people out most of the time; but they need to let people in during business hours.
If you’re locked out of your building or can’t get your key or door lock to work properly, you need help fast. Don’t waste time searching the phone book or Internet for a conventional lock and key shop. For rapid response commercial locksmith service, call UnlockMyDoor (512) 909-1468.