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Our mobile locksmith in Jarrell TX can pop a lock, copy car keys or program a fob duplicate very quickly and affordably. We’ll drive to your vehicle and do it right on the spot – in just a few minutes. Our roving vans and greater Round Rock service area extends to communities all up and down I-35 from Prairie Dell to North Austin. We can unlock cars, trucks and SUVs of virtually any make and model; and get you back on the road with minimum inconvenience.

Call (512) 909-1468 and we’ll be there right away!

Car Key Copying in Jarrell TX – Auto Locksmith

UnlockMyCar512 specializes in emergency automotive unlocks and car key copying. But we also provide commercial and residential locksmith services. These include unlocking doors on houses, apartments, condos, businesses and government offices. We install, maintain and repair locksets for homeowners, landlords and commercial enterprises. On any given day, our technicians might re-key an apartment building in Hutto, perform an emergency unlock in Leander, or make  a duplicate car key in Jarrell’s Memorial Park. It’s easy to get locked out – and it’s easy for us to get you back in. And our mobile auto locksmith can make you a spare car key copy or smart fob on the same trip.

The need for duplicate car keys in Jarrell has risen with the increase in population. And people are more busy and distracted these days. It’s easy to lose your keys or lock them in the car when you’re at work. Or out shopping, working out at the gym or going to dinner. We’ve all done it. But there’s no reason to panic, feel bad or spend a lot of money getting back in your vehicle. We can pop a lock in just a few minutes. And iof you’re looking for affordable car key copies near Jarrell or Sonterra TX, call UnlockMyDoor (512) 909-1468 and we’ll come to the rescue!

Affordable Jarrell Locksmith Services

Looking for a reliable and affordable locksmith in Jarrell? UnlockMyDoor512 can be your one-stop source for auto, residential or commercial door unlocking, key duplication, or lock repair. Why search for local bricks-and-mortar lock smiths when we can be at your door in a flash? You don’t need to travel to and from a key cutting shop or big box hardware store to get keys copied and locks repaired. Our star locksmithing technicians can deliver them. And we bring all the essential keymaking, lock installation and maintenance gear with us in our vans. No need to drive back and forth to the shop if there’s an issue. This saves you time and money.

Don’t waste your effort and time calling the car dealership to see if they can get a replacement car key or remote fob. Or how long it will take to order one from Detroit, Germany or Japan. We can drive directly to your location and do this work on-site. And if you’re locked out of the vehicle, we have an extensive set of high-tech equipment specifically designed for popping a locked door and car key copying  (ditto for trucks, SUVs, vans and even 18-wheelers!)

And please don’t listen to that guy you know who wants to try to break into your SUV with a coat hanger, giant screwdriver or some gnarly piece of wood with a nail in it. While trying to pop a lock, he’s likely to scratch your window glass, cut your upholstery or mar your paint job. And still not unlock your vehicle! In contrast, our Jarrell locksmith vans have a comprehensive array of purpose-built unlocking tools that will pop the lock gently without damaging your vehicle.

Most of our new business comes from Internet searches. But we get a lot of referrals from happy long-term clients. Our affordable locksmith in Jarrell is best known for five-star ratings and reviews. Check them out on Google and Facebook. We are most proud of our responsiveness, affordable cost and high quality service. Call UnlockMyDoor512 today – we’ll arrive promptly and have you back in your vehicle quickly.

Car Unlocking

Did someone lose or misplace your keys? No problem! Call UnlockMyDoor512 and our nearby Jarrell auto locksmith will come to the rescue! We excel in rapid and inexpensive door unlocking for cars, SUVs and trucks. If you’re anywhere in Williamson County, our high-tech van can be there in just minutes! Keys locked in the car? We can unlock the door and have you and your groceries back on the road promptly. Don’t call roadside assistance for an expensive tow – or some fly-by-night lock picking outfit that is likely to damage the door or finish on your vehicle. Call UnlockMyDoor (512) 909-1468 and say “Unlock My Door!”

Jarrell Key Copying

Our highly-affordable locksmiths near Jarrell also support clients in Round Rock and Georgetown TX. From Cedar Park in the west over to Taylor in the east. These professional key and lock craftsmen also range up and down the length of US 183 from Lakeline Mall up to Lampasas. Most of our clients are looking for emergency car door unlocking service. But we also do a lot of car key copying and remote fob programming. As well as residential re-keying, lock cylinder replacements and keypad systems. Our squad of star Jarrell locksmiths can even unlock your RV, tool shed or garage door! Save time and money by calling us now – we’ll drive to your location right away!

Residential Locksmith Services

In addition to opening locked vehicles, we frequently dispatch our locksmiths to Jarrell businesses, apartment complexes, houses and condos. Each of our high tech vans brings all the tools, sophisticated testing apparatus and key copy equipment necessary to unlock doors, fabricate replacement keys and clone electronic fobs. Our skilled technicians perform rapid on-site key replication – including the modern laser-cut car keys and high security fob programming. UnlockMyDoor’s highly-trained commercial and residential lock and key experts also install and re-key locks in houses, condos, offices and public buildings near Jarrell and throughout Central Texas.

Automotive – Commercial – Residential – Low Cost – Fast Response

Emergency Locksmith near Jarrell Texas


Nearly all of our fob replication and key copying near Jarrell  key replication includes emergency door unlocking. We know how upsetting it can be to be having dinner or shopping, and discover you’ve locked the remote fob in the car. Or worse – lost your keys entirely. Especially if you have kids or pets with you.  Or melting ice cream in your shopping cart. Don’t worry. We will arrive on the scene quickly, unlock your vehicle, and speeding you on your way.

This year our auto locksmith in Jarrell TX is frequently out on calls to the numerous shopping malls and restaurants along I-35. We’re doing a lot more Round Rock car unlocks this year than ever before. Also quite a bit of residential re-keying, lock installation and security systems. As well as replacement key cutting and fob programming for cars and trucks. Regardless of where people need their house, condo or vehicle doors unlocked, re-keyed or replaced, we’re only a few minutes drive away. Save money, time and gas by calling UnlockMyDoor (512) 909-1468 – we’ll come right to your location.

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