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car-locksmith-leander-texasNeed an affordable Leander locksmith to unlock your car or truck? We specialize in residential and automotive unlocking services. Our mobile technicians can also copy keys (and remote car fobs) to make it less likely you’ll get locked out again. We have modern fully-equipped vans that enable us to solve any vehicle or house entry issue. And install, repair or re-key residential or commercial building locks. We’ll respond quickly and send our trusty locksmith in Leander right to your car, home or place of work – within minutes!

The need for auto locksmiths in Leander has increased dramatically in recent years. With all the people commuting to Austin from Williamson County and parts north, the US 183 corridor has become saturated with traffic going to work, shopping and enjoying recreational activities. And invariably, some of these busy people get distracted and lock keys in the car – or lose keys or fobs altogether. As you might expect, locked out clients call our peripatetic Leander locksmiths to the Gateway Shopping Center and the Crystal Falls Town Center all the time to unlock cars and SUVs and make replacement keys. We’re only a few minutes away, ready and eager to help – just click on this phone# to call UnlockMyDoor (512) 909-1468 and we’ll be there quickly!

Mobile Locksmith – Leander TX

If you need a trustworthy and affordable locksmith in Leander or Liberty Hill, consider UnlockMyDoor. We can handle all your auto, residential or commercial needs for door unlocking, key duplication, or lock repair. As a customer-friendly adjunct to our car lockout relief service, we also provide responsive and economical key copying, lock re-keying and complete lockset installation and maintenance for businesses and residential clients. As with our automotive work, our roving Leander locksmith vans travel directly to your house, condo or place of business. We get there promptly and get the job done quickly and professionally.

Our mobility saves you the hassle of searching for a nearby bricks-and-mortar locksmith shop, traveling there, waiting for the work to be completed, and traveling home. Or waiting for an available slot on their service calendar. Our locksmiths in Leander are well known for their fast response, five-star reviews and client referrals. We pride ourselves on prompt arrival, low cost and high quality service.

So don’t waste time and effort calling your car dealer to see if they can unlock your car or make you a replica key. Or contacting a friend of a friend who has some window jimmy tools that will probably damage your glass, upholstery or paint job. Give us a call, and we’ll get you back in your car and on the road in short order. Quickly, securely and inexpensively.

Key Copying

Did you lose or misplace the car keys? Call UnlockMyDoor512 and our Leander locksmith van will come to your rescue! Rapid and inexpensive door unlocking for cars, SUVs and trucks. If you’re anywhere in Travis or Williamson County, our fully-equipped van can be there in just minutes! Keys locked in the car? We can unlock the door and have you and the family back on the road promptly. Don’t call your dealership for an expensive tow – or some fly-by-night lock picking outfit that might damage the lock, door or finish on your vehicle. Our experts can unlock doors of virtually any make or model of car, SUV, truck or van. Call UnlockMyDoor (512) 909-1468 and say “Unlock My Door!”

Leander Locksmithing

To supplement our roving Leander locksmith vans, we also have mobilized lock smiths in Round Rock and Georgetown TX. From Jarrell in the north down to Pflugerville and the North Austin suburbs. Our trusted lock and key craftsmen range up and down the length of US 183 from Lampasas to the Lakeline Mall area. Most of our work is emergency auto door unlock service – plus key copying and programming remote fobs. But we also do residential re-keying, lock installation and keypad systems. Our team of Leander locksmith experts can even unlock your garage door! Save time and money by calling UnlockMyDoor – we’ll hit the road and come to the rescue right away!

Unlock Services

In addition to opening locked vehicles, we frequently dispatch our locksmiths to  Leander area homes, apartment buildings and businesses. We have a fleet of high tech roving vans that contain all the tools, testing apparatus and key copy equipment necessary to unlock doors, fabricate replacement keys and clone electronic fobs. Our technicians perform rapid on-site key copying – including the modern laser-cut car keys and sophisticated high security fob programming. UnlockMyDoor’s highly-trained commercial and residential lock and key experts also install and re-key locks in houses, condos, offices and schools throughout Central Texas.

Need a Cheap Locksmith in Leander or Liberty Hill? Call UnlockMyDoor!

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Prompt Dependable Emergency Locksmiths – Leander Texas


Most of our Leander locksmithing business involves emergency unlocks and key replication (including fob duplication programming). It can be traumatic to be out having dinner or shopping, and realize you’ve misplaced the keys – or locked them in your vehicle. Especially if you have groceries, children or pets sitting on the curb in our summer Texas heat. We relieve clients’ anxieties by arriving on the scene quickly, promptly unlocking their cars, and speeding them on their way.

This year our highly-trained key smiths and lock technicians are doing a lot of work in the shopping malls and restaurants along highways 183 and 183A. We’ve done a lot more Hutto key copying this year than ever before. Residential re-keying, lock installation and security systems – plus automotive replacement key cutting and fob programming. Wherever people need their house, condo or vehicle doors unlocked, re-keyed or replaced, we’re just a few minutes drive away. Save money, time and gas by calling UnlockMyDoor (512) 909-1468 – we’ll come right to your location.



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