Key Fob Replacement – Smart Fobs

replacment-key-fob-programming-unlockmydoor512Need a replacement key fob for car, SUV or truck? Our mobile locksmith van can come right to your vehicle, home or office and make you a duplicate – quickly and inexpensively. And if you’re locked out, we can get you back in.

UnlockMyDoor512 replaces car keys and electronic smart fobs in Georgetown TX, Jarrell, Round Rock and throughout the North Austin area. Our technicians can program fobs for any Ford, General Motors and Chrysler vehicle, including Jeeps. Ditto for Nissan, Honda, Toyota and Lexus cars, trucks and SUVs. We copy car keys and make replacement fobs for just about any make or model of American, Japanese or Korean motor vehicle.

Georgetown TX Smart Fobs – Jarrell

It’s easy to lose your car key or smart fob – or lock them in the vehicle. People are very busy these days, and have lots of distractions. Many of our car key and fob replacement clients are at shopping malls, industrial parks or sports events where they misplace their keys or remote entry devices. This can be a frustrating, embarrassing and even frightening experience.

Fortunately we have a fleet of roving locksmithing vans that can come to your rescue promptly. We can get you and your family back in your car with a new replacement smart fob – rapidly and inexpensively. Our well-equipped locksmith vans carry sophisticated programming equipment. And a selection of new high quality remote key fobs. When we arrive on the scene, it only takes us a few minutes for programing and testing, and you’re on your way with a brand new smart fob (and new battery). If you’re looking for a fast and cheap fob replacement, call UnlockMyDoor (512) 909-1468.

Key Fob Replacement Considerations

We see quite a few magazine and online ads for cheap smart fob replacements. How can you know which to trust? And who can arrive at your location quickly to get you out of a jam? You want your replacement fob to be a top quality duplicate that functions exactly the same as the original. It needs to be electronically programmed to the precise specifications from your vehicle manufacturer. Your new remote fob should be tested to ensure all buttons work properly – and be able to lock/unlock at the specified distance from your vehicle, typically 5-20 meters.

Key fob programming is a highly technical endeavor requiring specialized equipment. The locksmith doing the work should start with a brand new fob in its original factory packaging – with a new battery. Customers should not accept used fobs (evidenced by dirt or signs of wear), old or used batteries.

The best way to ensure you’re getting a professional key fob replacement is to ask friends or family members to recommend a mobile locksmith they’ve had good experiences with. But there’s usually no time for that if you’re locked out of your car, late to an appointment on a hot (or rainy) Texas day. So we recommend looking at the locksmith’s ratings and reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp. Great reviews are why many of our clients chose UnlockMyDoor512.

Fob Programming

Electronic car fob replacement entails programming the new fob using a highly secure rolling code system provided by the vehicle manufacturer. To prevent unauthorized access, these codes are only made available to the manufacturer’s dealerships – and licensed automotive locksmiths like UnlockMyDoor512. In programming a key fob, any deviation from the prescribed security code sequence will prevent the remote from performing its intended functions. So after programming the fob, we thoroughly test it to be sure it has adequate range, can reliably lock/unlock the car, and enable pushbutton starting.

Auto Locksmiths

We have dedicated mobile locksmiths in Round Rock and Georgetown TX. And our high tech locksmithing vans cover a vast service area encompassing Cedar Park, Leander, Pflugerville, Hutto and Jarrell. Most of our clients initially contact us for emergency car door unlocking. But we also do a lot of automotive key copying and fob replication work. As well as residential re-keying, lock cylinder replacements and keypad systems. Our roving locksmiths can even unlock your garage door, back yard shed or RV! Save time and money by calling us now – we’ll drive right to your location! Just click on this number => (512) 909-1468 and say “Unlock My Door!”

Keyless Remotes

The advent of the keyless remote has been a great boon for car drivers. No more fumbling trying to insert a key in the door lock on a dark rainy night. General Motors introduced one of the early electronic car key fobs with the 1987 Cadillac Allante. Now just about every manufacturer provides these. In addition to locking and unlocking the vehicle, most remote fobs can open the trunk or tailgate. And a proximity sensor enables the fob to enable push button start without putting a key in the ignition. And as an additional security feature, most modern smart fobs have a ‘panic button’ which can be pressed to sound the horn repeatedly.

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Main Key Fob Replacement Features

  • Lock/Unlock Doors
  • Trunk or Tailgate Opener
  • Pushbutton Start Enablement
  • Panic Button Horn Sounding

Most of our automobile-related business entails emergency unlocking and key duplication – including car fob replication and programming. We understand how irritating it can be to be out on the town and discover the remote fob is missing or locked in the car. Especially if it’s late at night in an unfamiliar neighborhood. We can solve this problem rapidly and inexpensively. Our locksmith van will arrive on the scene post haste, unlock your car, replace your key fob (and make you a spare if you like), and quickly have you back on the road.

This year our lock and key experts are doing more auto fob replications than ever before, often in conjunction with emergency lockout rescues. Clients are also taking advantage of our auto locksmiths in Georgetown TX expertise in high tech key copying, including laser-cut keys. Regardless of where people need our locksmithing services for their homes, vehicles or businesses – we can get there expeditiously and solve the problem. Save time, money, gas and frustration. Call UnlockMyDoor (512) 909-1468 – we’ll be there in a few minutes!

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