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We provide mobile residential locksmith services in Round Rock TX, Georgetown and Jarrell. We specialize in emergency home unlock, key duplication and lock rekeying for homes and condos. Our experienced technicians also install and maintain home security systems, doorbell cameras and home burglar alarms.

Home Lockout Service

If you suffer from a house lockout in Round Rock, we can get you back in quickly. Most of our residential locksmith services calls involve home lockout situations. It’s really easy and common to get locked out of the house, condo — or even your garage or shed. With our mobile locksmithing trucks, we’ll be at your place in minutes to unlock the door and get you back in. While we’re there, we can make you a replacement key or a spare to hide somewhere, so you don’t get locked out again.

The most common causes of home lockout are misplaced, stolen or lost keys. But sometimes we get called out to fix a broken lock, extract a broken key — or one that’s jammed in the lock and can’t be removed. Our trucks are well-equipped; and usually we can replace the lock cylinder or cut a new key right on the spot. Don’t feel bad or beat yourself up; this can happen to anyone. Just call (512) 909-1468 and we’ll be there soon to fix it.

Residential Lock Re-Keying


Most home security professionals advise re-keying home locks every few years. Especially if keys have gone missing or you’ve given a key to someone you don’t want to have access any more. And, of course, if you buy a new house or condo, you’ll want to make sure you’re the only one with keys that unlock the doors.

During many years providing residential locksmith services, we have re-keyed locks for apartment buildings and other residential complexes. But most of our business is for individual home owners who want to increase the security of their dwellings.

Lock re-keying typically involves replacing just the lock cylinder and key. Or the homeowner may prefer to have completely new lock sets. Most manufacturers offer cylinder-key replacement packages; and these are a relatively inexpensive way to re-key one or more doors in a house. An entire home with 3-5 entrance doors can be done in just a couple hours. Call (512) 909-1468

House Master Keys

A special case of lock re-keying is the creation of master key(s) that will open one or more locks in the home. Or a master key that will unlock doors in multiple homes. This allows the owner to carry fewer keys, and still be able to open all the locks.

Home Key Copying

If you’d like to create a duplicate house key for a family member, friend or trusted service provider, call UnlockMyDoor. Our residential locksmithing truck will arrive at your home within the hour to make duplicate key(s) quickly and inexpensively. We frequently make spare keys for house lockouts in Jarrell or Georgetown. That sure beats having to look up, select  and drive to a brick and mortar locksmith shop (or the key cutting aisle in a big box store), wait for the key to be cut, and then drive home. Let us buy the gas — we’re all about saving you time and money.

House Key Duplication – Round Rock Area

Locked out of your house? We can open the door for you. Looking for cheap duplicate key for your North Austin apartment? Just do an online search for Residential Key Duplication and click on the UnlockMyDoor512 listing in the results pages. Lock yourself out of your condo? How ‘bout a couple low cost copies, so you’ll have a spare on hand the next time this happens? Backup keys can save you a lot of time and anguish. If you want high quality residential key copies, give us a call today! (512) 909-1468

Security Systems – Cameras – Alarms

High quality home security systems are highly capable, flexible and affordable. Depending on your specific situation and needs, these may include security cameras and video surveillance systems. These can be set to produce visual and/or audible door and window alarms when someone gets too close or attempts to enter. Alerts can be sent to your phone, security monitoring service or local law enforcement authorities.

One of the most popular kinds of video surveillance is the doorbell camera. In addition to enabling you to see who is coming to the door, this is also a good way to monitor package deliveries. A helpful tool in the battle against “porch pirates” and vandals. Most doorbell cameras utilize the Internet; so you can monitor these from your phone or computer — and even elect to allow a security monitoring service or local police to view the video stream. Especially handy when you’re not home.

Wireless Security Cameras – Installation and Maintenance

Modern security cameras are effective and inexpensive ways to see what’s going on outside your house. Or in interior spaces like garages, attics and storage areas that contain valuables or are vulnerable to break-ins. Especially when accompanied by motion-activated lighting and/or video recording capability.

We install and maintain a broad variety of wired and wireless home security systems. Our professional residential locksmithing and security technicians can help you choose a system and components that meet your requirements and budget. Having a robust and conspicuous home security system can also act as a deterrent — burglars or other troublemakers will generally choose to find more vulnerable properties. Call (512) 909-1468we’ll stop by to discuss your requirements and recommend solutions and options.

Electronic Door Openers and Keypads

We now have high-tech door locks that can be opened remotely with a phone or computer. This is especially convenient if you want to give someone access to a remote vacation home, or enable a delivery to be set inside the house — out of the rain and not visible to passers by. Perhaps the best application for electronic home door openers is for short-term rentals like Airbnb. The property owner or management company can give the renters an access code for a limited time period; then change the combo to keep them out when the rental has concluded.

This capability is also useful for allowing tradespeople (plumber, housekeeper, painter, carpenter, etc.) in to work on the house when the owner is not home. Again, the access period can be controlled, and the door locked remotely to maintain security. In combination with a doorbell camera or video security system, this can enable the owner to have peace of mind (and a record of who entered when) and still have work done in the property in their absence.

High Security Doors and Door Locks

Standard doors and jambs are not much of an impediment to someone wanting to get into your house. So we install strong doors and reinforced jambs that will stand up to most attacks, even the use of crowbars or impact by heavy objects. Along with hardening the doors, we recommend installing a doorbell camera or remote viewing system, so you can see who is coming to the door — and what’s happening on your porch and sidewalk.

Technological advances enable today’s residential locksmith to install high security locks and amazing devices like programmable smart locks, electronic keypads and keyless entry systems. These electronic locks and surveillance camera systems typically utilize Bluetooth communications, home wifi network or even more secure private VPN to implement lock and unlock functions. As well as providing video imagery (and in some cases audio communications) to your tv, computer or phone. And where the utmost in residential security is paramount, we can install comprehensive electronic access control systems.

And, of course, time-proven mechanical devices like combination gate locks, door chain guards, hinge reinforcements, door deadlocks and high security doorway bars still serve to prevent unauthorized access. Similar products can be installed in your garage, shed or other outbuildings to enhance their physical security.

Residential Lock Set Replacement

We copy keys for homeowners, apartment managers and businesses, mostly in the Georgetown-Round Rock-Jarrell area. Next to automotive locksmithing, residential key copying, lock installation and re-keying have become our biggest sources of new customers. Commercial and residential landlords take advantage of our quick-response key copying service to provide new keys to incoming business tenants and apartment building residents. As with our automotive customers, we respond immediately and our mobile home locksmiths arrive promptly, to get the job done quickly and affordably. This capability enables our clients to continue running their businesses and non-profit organizations normally – without having to locate and make a time-consuming visit to a traditional lock-and-key store. Our vans and experienced technicians have the full complement of high-tech equipment necessary to copy keys for businesses, homes, schools or government facilities.

For fast residential locksmith services for your home – give us a call. One of our mobile locksmith trucks will come right to your door and make new duplicate keys – quickly and inexpensively. Anywhere in the North Austin suburbs including residential locksmith services in Round Rock, Georgetown and Jarrell. We even get down to Cedar Park, Leander and Pflugerville occasionally. Many of our customers take advantage of our fast response unlock service and key duplication. Our lock and key technicians provide on-site service to them in a matter of minutes! We offer same-day service for duplicate keys, replacement lock cylinders or lock rekeying. For professional key copying including laser-cut key replacement near metro Austin, Call UnlockMyDoor (512) 909-1468.

Our mobile residential locksmithing trucks contain the same high tech equipment as a modern bricks-and-mortar lock smith shop. Including key duplication and smart fob programming. These roving quick-response vehicles enable us to make key copies and replace lock sets right on the spot at your residence. We provide superior home security, convenience and value to our customers. And if you’ve lost the keys and your family and pets are locked out of the house, we can unlock the door first before copying the key! Here are the main reasons customers choose UnlockMyDoor:

    • Quick home unlock and house key duplication
    • Responsive residential locksmith near you
    • House Keys and Locks – Garage Unlock and Lock Repair
    • Fully-equipped residential locksmithing service trucks
    • Reliable performance, low cost and great customer reviews

Let us make you our next happy customer!

Emergency House Unlock and Key Copying

Have a house lockout in Georgetown or Round Rock? We can unlock the door for you. Looking for a cheap key copy service for your Round Rock apartment? Just do an online search for Residential Key Copying and click on our listing in the results pages. Georgetown condo lockout? How ‘bout a set of inexpensive duplicate keys, so you’ll have a spare on hand the next time this happens? Having a backup can save you a lot of time and anguish. If you want high quality residential key copies, call us today! (512) 909-1468

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